How Daycare Staffing Affects You and Your Child

Daycare staffing is a perpetual problem for both providers and parents. There is a lot of staff turnover in this industry. Recruiting and retaining new employees is difficult, especially when the industry has a history of low wages and few benefits. Additionally, working at a daycare can be both physically and emotionally challenging. Staff turnover […]

Managing Social Anxiety In Children With Autism

As a parent with an autistic child, you want to do everything you can to protect your child, especially in daycare. We don’t want to place our children in circumstances that scare them, however, setting your child up in a program or providing them with social activities can significantly help. Did you know autism affects […]

Hearing Aids to Best Suit Your Kid’s Needs

Studies show that one-tenth of the American population is hearing-impaired, and numbers are increasing among children. Over the years, hearing aids have helped a great deal in eliminating this deficiency, but finding an aid for your daycare-aged child can be difficult.   Hearing aids are small audio devices which are attached to the ears. Most models […]