Waiting for Day Care

Earlier this year, the National Association for Family Child Care published a list of ten child care trends on the rise in the United States. A few things stick out on this list, specifically numbers 1 and 6.  “Competition from other child care programs will continue to increase.  6.     “It will take longer to fill child […]

Growing Evidence Suggests Benefits of Redshirting Pre-School and Kindergarten

Redshirting, or waiting to start your child’s academic education, is growing in popularity, and further evidence suggests the benefits of the practice may outweigh the drawbacks. Estimates of redshirting rates often fall between 3.3 and 5.5 percent of children eligible to enroll in kindergarten based on their age.   What is Redshirting?  As a term, redshirting has its […]

Understanding Cost vs. Value

If you spend any time researching day care and child care, you’re likely familiar with the contentious side of the industry: Regulation. Child care is currently regulated via accreditation; the National Association for the Education of Young Children and the National Association for Family Child Care are the two most common accrediting organizations, but in […]

Are the Claims of Rising Child Care Costs Exaggerated?

Yes and no. It depends not so much on who you ask, but rather on who it is doing the asking. The short answer is that child care costs are rising fast—faster than inflation—but mostly if not entirely at the upper-end of the cost range. In other words, claims of skyrocketing child care costs are […]