Welcome to The People’s Guide to Day Care

Choosing a day care program can be one of the toughest decisions that parents have to make. The mission of The People’s Guide to Day Care is to help families find the best information and resources available to make this choice. Quality child care isn’t really something where you want to look for steep discounts or beeline to the cheapest option. Yet, most families also don’t have unlimited resources to spend on day care, while also providing healthy meals, pediatric care, transportation and quality one-on-one time. For these reasons, our guide is slanted toward helping people find a day care program in less than perfect circumstances but which is still a net positive right now and for their family’s future.

Day care is the only viable option for some families who need basic child care support during the middle of the day, most often so they can work. For other families, it’s clearly the best option for their overall schedule and family life, but one that’s difficult, if not impossible, to afford. There is also a huge swath of people who find they barely make enough at their current jobs to cover the cost of day care and so decide instead to quit and take care of their baby or small child.

Likewise, the convenience of having a day care center at or very near your workplace creates a whole host of benefits, but how much does this convenience matter if another day care center potentially offers a program that’s better suited to your child’s current development? How much should it matter? Families face decisions like this everyday. There may not be a clear-cut answer for you, but too often families end up making a decision with incomplete or even misleading information. We know it’s a lot harder than it sounds, but this is what we’re trying to change. Or at least improve. We hope people find our day care information helpful in making a decision they feel confident is the best one available to them. That’s why we chose the name: The People’s Guide to Day Care.

The People’s Guide to Day Care is focused mostly on providing the information families need to make the best possible decision. We believe this starts with offering the hard data on day care services, costs, and benefits, while also being able to offer the hard advice for families who are unable to find the perfect situation. Along with providing solid advice, we also keep an eye out for methods, policies, and resources that can help day care providers and improve the day care industry as a whole. We wish we had a magic wand that could provide every family with affordable and high-quality day care whenever they needed it. Of course, it doesn’t work that way. Until it does, we’re going to do what we can to make things at least a little better.